Zodiac Coating



What is Acrysil ?



Acrysil is a double-coated membrane. One side is coated with a medical acrylic formulation, and the other side with a silicone gel. What material could be more suitable for strong but soft adhesion to the skin?


  • Patches
  • Stomae
  • Urology
  • Wound interface



Why use Acrysil ?



  • Acrylic adhesion on the material
  • Silicone adhesion on the skin


Acrysil, with both these coatings, makes it possible to attach a material to fragile skin. It could be patches, sterile operative field drapes, catheters, cosmetic patches, stoma bags, etc.

The management of the acrylic coating makes it possible to attach the material without any risk of delamination during removal. Furthermore, the management of the silicone coating helps to define the right level of adhesion on the skin, causing no trauma to fragile skin.


Technical DATA *
Silicone adhesion Acrylic adhesion Name Silicone Weight g/m2 Silicone ** Adhesion Acrylic *** Adhesion N/25mm Material Thickness mm
+ + Acrysil 60M140 140 1.5 7 245
++ + Acrysil 60M160 160 1.7 7 258
+++ + Acrysil 60M210 210 2.0 7 312
++ ++ Acrysil 60H140 140 1.7 10 785
* Values listed above do not constitute a specification
** Adhesion measures are performed on Bristol paper, FINAT
*** Adhesion measures are performed on peeling, FINAT