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Zodiac Coating strives for excellence in employee health and safety and environmental protection, and is committed to continuing its initiatives to protect its property.


Zodiac Coating complies with regulations and other locally applicable requirements regarding occupational health and safety and its environmental aspects. Zodiac Coating must also ensure they implement Standards and achieve performance levels that allow them to manage risks and prevent harm to persons or health.


As part of a feedback-based program of continious improvement, Zodiac Coating has set itself the following goals :

1- create and implement standard to ensure workplace safety

2- demonstrate the personnal commitment of all senior management toward safety

3-develop the concept of "responsability" in all operators

4-involve line management in identifying and reporting potentially hazardous situations

5-conduct safety campaigns





Our plant is ISO 13485, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified.


Each material manufactured in this plant for medical applications is subjected to quality controls before and after coating. We guaranty a full traceability for each batch.


Each material is manufactured in an ISO 8 area (ISO 14644, class 100 000, etc.) in order to ensure our customers have the best quality and to decrease the risk of contamination for users. These materials are manufactured solely with medical grade raw materials. We control the cytotoxicity of our products. All physical tests are included in our standards (adhesion, thickness, silicone weight, global inspection, etc.). In order to help you to decrease the risk of biocontamination, Zodiac Coating can perform these controls for you before shipment.












Our processes are not solvent or water-based. This is best way to achieve eco-friendly chemistry without any Reach and RoHS limitations. Furthermore it is the best way of limiting biocontamination: our processes do not need water, and silicone is hydrophobic.



As latex can create skin irritation in some patients, the use of latexgloves is not permitted in our plant.

Zodiac Coating helps each customer to qualify their products and supports for a quality approval by authorities.



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