Zodiac Coating



What is Noveface ?


Noveface is a knitted fabric, coated with a silicone gel for a soft adherent interface or a silicone elastomer for a non-adherent product.

  • Silicone interface


Why use Noveface ?


  • Soft adhesion
  • Allows exudate transfer
  • Non-allergenic


Noveface is a silicone interface, with a wide range of designs (different holes sizes, different aperture ratio, etc.). This interface can be a soft adherent or a non-adherent interface. In both cases, the hydrophobicity of the silicone prevents the material from sticking to the wound, resulting in atraumatic removal. The management of hole sizes makes it easier to evacuate the exudate.

Manufactured only with medical grade products, Noveface never has an impact on the biochemistry of the wound. Silicone is hypoallergenic, so it reduces the risk of skin reaction compared to acrylic or PU adhesive.


Technical DATA *
Sticky Name


weight g/m2

Adhesion **


Holes size
Holes / cm2

NFc 1-200
200 1.3 Large 10

NFc 1-150
150 0.7 Large 10

NFc 2-100
100 0.3 Small 25

NFc 2-120 120 0.35 Small 25

NFc 2-150 150 0.5 Small 25

NFnc 1-75 75 - Large 10

NFnc 2-65
65 - Small 25



* Values listed above do not constitute a specification

** Adhesion measures are performed on Bristol paper, FINAT